Chilled WMS

Transform your operations with the  governance, efficiency and controls required to thrive in the modern cold chain ecosystem

Pre-templated specifically for cold storage and third-party logistics operators, Chilled WMS gives you the tools to manage compliance, maintain visibility and minimise revenue leakage.

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Maintaining the integrity of cold chains around the world

Every Microlistics WMS Includes

Radio frequency (RF) system-directed task management

Barcode tracking, scanning and verification

Flexible user configurable rules by task, customer or product

Stock rotation principles: fifo, lifo, expiry date, batch, lot

Powerful management dashboards & reports

Comprehensive audit trail for all operations

Quality assurance & quarantine functionality

Technical support & eLearning content

Feature Highlights

Multi-Chamber Temperature Control

Ensure every perishable good is maintained at the appropriate temperature.

Supports capture product temperature at time of receipt and the exact temperature of multiple zones such as receiving, store rooms, chilled and frozen chambers or production ares.

Catch-Weight, Grading & Compliance

Maintain compliance to local and international standards across the cold chain.

Comes with built-in compliance rules for basics like temperature control, batch, lot, use-by and shelf life as well as catchweight, variable weight and blast freezing. Other processes supported including grading management, repacking & co-mingling.


Track & Traceability

Maintain full visibility and traceability of goods passing through your warehouse by batch, lot, serial and more.

Easily facilitate compliance requirements, respond to and account for recalls.

Third-Party Billing

Eliminate revenue leakage to increase profit margins.

Tracks every activity undertaken within the warehouse and, according to your rules, automatically invoices customers for every billable activity undertaken.

Insight Dashboards

Fine-tune your warehouse operation with Microlistics Insights Dashboards.

Every Express implementation comes standard with a core suite of analytics dashboards providing an intuitive view of labour productivity, inbound & outbound trends and performance, warehouse space, inventory levels, stock movements and an easy-to-use management console providing a high level of your warehouse.

Cloneable Configurations

Increase your agility by quickly on-boarding new customers, products or services.

An array of user definable rules for customers, sites and products can be easily edited, or replicated into new or existing customers.

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