Expansion Modules

Expand the benefits of Microlistics WMS with advanced capabilities deployed via flexible modules.

Designed to achieve further benefits, Microlistics WMS Expansion Modules leverage your fully digitised warehouse to deliver insights, better connect customers, partners and suppliers and address challenges that fall outside the four walls of the warehouse.

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Expansion Modules

Third-Party Billing

Eliminate revenue leakage to increase profit margins.

Tracks every activity undertaken within the warehouse and, according to your rules, automatically invoices customers for every billable activity undertaken.

Last-Mile Fulfilment

Automate high speed shipment processing for parcel and freight carriers, globally.

Interface directly with your preferred shipping, parcel and freight carriers and also comes pre-integrated with leading multi-carrier shipping solutions in key geographies including SmartFreight (ANZ/EMEA) and Pierbridge (North America).

Web Portal

Provide your clients a seamless online view of their outsourced logistics operations.

Microlistics Web Portal provides fast, anywhere access to search & browse stock holding, stock movement and stock age profile as well as to view and create purchase and sales orders. Web Portal also provides exceptional functionality for suppliers such as label printing and stock monitoring.


Labour Prediction

Plan resources and react to intraday activity requirements with real time views of required hours based on historical performance.

This module uses the WMS full audit trail and stored histories, together with the forecasted work in the work-bank, to predict the required effort and resources for each process down to the SKU level.

Insights Dashboards

Fine-tune your warehouse operation with Microlistics Insights Dashboards.

Every Microlistics WMS implementation comes standard with a core suite of analytics dashboards providing an intuitive view of labour productivity, inbound & outbound trends and performance, warehouse space, inventory levels, stock movements and an easy-to-use management console providing a high level of your warehouse. Advanced and custom dashboards are also available providing additional functionality, granularity and predictive capability.

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