Riding the omnichannel wave

Retail success will only come when eCommerce orders can be picked efficiently and accurately alongside store replenishment and B2B wholesale orders.

Businesses require significant adjustments to warehouse operations to take advantage of an expanding market in an atmosphere of high consumer expectations and increasing costs.

The right tool for the job

Most WMS are inflexible and unable to service the diverse challenges retailers face in servicing different sales channels. Too often, this means creating separate teams, locations and duplicating inventory which leads to higher costs and error rates.

With Microlistics WMS, each channel can have its own distinct set of optimised processes aligned with service levels to ensure the promise to the customer is kept.

In the background, individual and team KPI management enable you to understand and adapt your workforce and to optimise the productivity of your operations. Insightful analytics allow retailers to understand channel performance and plan resources to react to intraday activity requirements in real-time.

Connectivity for online retail and business insights

For online retailers, connectivity is critical. Make your inventory available to sell online with direct connections to online storefronts, marketplaces and applications such as Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, Amazon and eBay and more.

Moreover, Microlistics WMS allows retailers to easily connect with their customers’ systems, including ERPs, inventory, order management, transport and accounting.

We all know consumers check their online purchase progress regularly, so maintaining complete visibility and traceability of orders in transit improves customer satisfaction and retention.

Optimise shipping by speed, cost or environmental impact

Retailers may integrate with one carrier or multiple carriers, with the fastest and/or most cost-effective shipping services – or if stipulated, the one with the lowest carbon footprint – automatically selected depending upon customer or business preference.

In addition, Microlistics WMS offers order consolidation through direct-to-store and direct-to-customer shipments, which can reduce transportation, labour, and storage costs, while shortening order fulfilment times.

Wrangling returns is an unavoidable challenge

Avoiding errors in order fulfilment is the fastest way to improve return rates. Microlistics WMS has built-in quality and integrity checks, including system-generated advanced packing lists and customer labels, and verification of actual versus expected weight and dimensions, to ensure shipment accuracy.

Even with complete accuracy in packing orders, reverse logistics will still be required in an eCommerce environment. Microlistics WMS allows for efficient and accurate ingestion of returns into the system, providing real-time information on storage location and stock levels.


Product Warehouse

A product/SKU based solution powered by data driven automations and pre-built processes, including kitting and bill of materials.

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