Speed up your FMCG volume and throughput

Successful businesses in the consumer goods industry adapt quickly to the changing needs of diverse stakeholders, with systems that keep fixed and variable costs to a minimum and maintain good customer service.

So much complexity, so little time! If you can’t manage the increased demands and expectations of consumers and, by default, your customers, profitability, growth and customer service will suffer.

Finding productivity improvements

Reduce errors and optimise labour with streamlined processes. Get your goods to the shop floor or consumer quicker than ever before with RF operations that work with handheld devices, voice picking and smart-glass technologies.

Microlistics WMS offers individual KPI management to understand and adapt your workforce, helping you optimise the productivity of your operations.

Labour prediction allows customers to plan resources and react to intraday activity requirements by providing real-time views on required hours based on historical performance.

Make smaller, more varied order fulfilment tasks highly efficient and meet the needs of omnichannel ordering through optimised pick paths and multiple picking methodologies. Microlistics WMS will provide the best method to suit the type of order.

Operational visibility is key

Productivity can’t be enhanced without complete operational visibility. Custom reporting is available with Microlistics WMS for both your goods, processes and your team. By tracking fulfilment activities and performance in fine detail, FMCG companies can better understand their fulfilment capabilities and improve customer service.

Communicate with and control your material handling equipment, ensuring your investment in technology such as automated picking system like pick-to-light, AS/RS, multi-pick trolleys, and warehouse robotics are supported.

Microlistics WMS integrates seamlessly with your ERP system and its reporting and business insights provide contact performance management for all direct and indirect tasks, driving more efficient processes and achieving promised service levels.

Getting the most out of your labour force

You can’t get the most out of your labour force and operation without complete visibility of movement and performance in the warehouse.

Through enquiry screens, customer reports and insights dashboards, Microlistics WMS gives you this visibility in real-time, 24/7/365. And individual KPI management is included so you can understand and adapt your workforce, helping you optimise the productivity of your operations.

Driving your transport spend down

Microlistics WMS enables you to consolidate orders and loads to build the most efficient shipment profile. With our last mile shipping partners, you can also rate shop for the most cost-effective shipping method and transit time across a multitude of transport providers, including parcel carriers, couriers, and specialty carriers or your own fleet.

Maintain complete visibility and traceability of orders in transit by using streamlined and track and trace functionality, to reduce the number of shipments required and as a result, labour costs.

The product is an improved bottom line and increased customer satisfaction and retention.

Last mile management provides visibility for carriers and shippers that align networks and operations, improving communication and eliminating costly shipments.

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Product Warehouse

A product/SKU based solution powered by data driven automations and pre-built processes, including kitting and bill of materials.

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