A prescription for product and data integrity in the Pharma supply chain.

eCommerce is driving more complex order fulfilment requirements for pharmaceutical wholesalers and retailers, in addition to requirements for controlled access to inventory, temperature-controlled and hazardous materials storage, and product track and trace remain unchanged.

Fail at the complex storage and handling of pharmaceuticals, and retailers and customers will turn to another wholesaler… and that’s the best-case scenario.

Accuracy and traceability are non-negotiable

To meet mandated safety requirements for pharmaceuticals, it is essential that your WMS tracks batch, lot, shelf life and expiry dates, and generates alerts for impending end-of-life.

Microlistics WMS makes it easy to track and trace shipments, by lot and batch numbers, to the storage zone, shelf and pallet. Furthermore, operators can track the product further along the supply chain to the truck, pallet, carton, or receiving customer.

With Microlistics WMS, traceability of product right through the supply chain means that when a recall occurs, you will be able to locate the product in your inventory, in transit, or in customer hands, and take immediate action to remove it.

Temperature control for product viability

Each perishable product will have distinct temperature and humidity storage needs, so accurately managing multi-chamber temperature control is essential. Microlistics WMS handles these complex storage requirements through recognition of all products and all pack factors coming into the warehouse.

Pharma and medical companies need to ensure that for temperature-controlled products, temperatures are recorded at dispatch, during transport, and upon receipt. Record all this data in Microlistics WMS to provide for a single-source of truth on compliance and safety.

Driving your transport spend down

The transport and delivery requirements of pharmaceuticals and high-cost items are complex and by default, a significant cost to the business.

Microlistics WMS enables you to consolidate orders and loads to build the most efficient shipment profile. With our last-mile fulfilment partners enable rate shopping for the most cost-effective shipping method and transit time across a multitude of transport providers such as parcel carriers, couriers, and specialty carriers, or your own fleet.

Microlistics WMS provides visibility to carriers and shippers that align networks and operations, improving communication and eliminating duplication.

Leading pharmaceutical distributors choose Microlistics to meet their complex requirements