Express WMS

Quickly enhance your warehouse capability with a pre-templated implementation of Microlistics WMS.

Deployed in as few as 30 days, Express comes pre-configured with best practice workflows designed to maximise the accuracy and efficiency of warehouse operations, while providing a platform for growth into the extended functionality of Microlistics Enterprise.

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More businesses on the move are choosing Microlistics Express WMS  as their first step into advanced warehousing


Every Microlistics WMS Includes

Radio frequency (RF) system-directed task management

Barcode tracking, scanning and verification

Flexible user configurable rules by task, customer or product

Stock rotation by FIFO, LIFO, expiry date, batch or lot

Powerful management dashboards & reports

Comprehensive audit trail for all operations

Quality assurance & quarantine functionality

Technical support & eLearning content

Included Functions



Stock Inquiry

Inventory Adjustment (PC User)


Sales Order Picking

Cycle Counting, Stocktake & Stockcheck

Inventory Transfers

Standard Reports

Standard Labels (Standard Pack ID / License Plate & SSCC)

Data Entry / Exchange

Enhanced Functionality




System-directed - with flexible Pick Zone Hierarchy

Manual Override

RF Query on Location

RF Query on Pack ID (License Plate)

RF Query on Product

Delete Stock

Add Stock

Adjust Disposition

Min / Max Replenishment

On-Demad Replenishment

Discrete Single Order Pick

Multiple Order Scan Pack (break rules by weight, volume, number of Pick

Standard Cycle Count

System-generated Inventory Exception Counts

Operater-generated Inventory Exception Counts

Wall-to-Wall Stocktake

PC Stock Movements

RF Stock Movements (Requested by PC Operator)

RF Ad-Hoc Movements

Stock On Hand (SOH)

Warehouse Utilisation

Goods Receipt Note (GRN)

Load Manifest

Packing List

Delivery Docket

Goods Receipt

Full Pallet Despatch

Carton Pick Despatch

Manual Purchase / Sales Order

Import / Export of Standard Express CSV

Easy-to-use interface

Real-time management of inventory & task

In-built Labour Monitoring

Serial, Batch/Lot Tracking

Feature Highlights


Quickly transform your warehousing operations.

Because Express comes pre-templated and pre-configured for warehousing best practice you can be up and running in as few as 30 days.


Fine-tune your warehouse operation with Microlistics Insights Dashboards.

Every Express implementation comes standard with a core suite of analytics dashboards providing an intuitive view of labour productivity, inbound & outbound trends and performance, warehouse space, inventory levels, stock movements and an easy-to-use management console providing a high level of your warehouse.

Flexible Commercial Terms

Realise the benefits of a Gartner-rated Tier 1 WMS today without the high up-front costs.

We offer a variety of flexible commercial options including traditional capital expenditure or a term investment over a period of years (SaaS).

Rapid Return on

Underwrite your growth strategy by quickly realising a financial benefit.

Improved warehousing accuracy, efficiency and throughput, together with flexible commercial terms enables you to realise positive financial results early on.


Automate every process within the four walls of your warehouse.

The flexible rules-based engine at the heart of Microlistics WMS empowers businesses to develop their own automated processes, maximising accuracy, efficiency and visibility.

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Introduction to Microlistics WMS Express

User Interface and General Features



Order Picking

Inventory Management

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