Super-charge your
multi-client 3PL operation

As more companies focus on core competencies, conserve capital, and outsource their order fulfilment, the need for efficient and accurate 3PL services is growing.

Growing 3PL businesses can begin to see diminishing returns as increasing complexity starts to take a toll on performance and efficiency.

Productivity will set you apart

Increase efficiency and reduce paper-based processes and errors via automated processes and system-driven tasks. Get your goods to the shop floor or consumer quicker than ever before with RF operations that work with handheld devices, voice picking and/or smart-glass technologies.

Microlistics WMS offers individual KPI management to understand and adapt your workforce, helping you optimise the productivity of your operations.

Make smaller, more varied order fulfilment tasks highly efficient, and meet the needs of omnichannel ordering through optimised pick paths and multiple picking methodologies such as multi-order wave picking. Microlistics WMS will select the best method to suit the type of order.

Flexibility and agility are essential

Growing 3PLs want to add clients or increase per-client revenue, or both. Often this involves winning new clients from new sectors, with different products and shipping needs. Flexibility is the key.

This flexibility translates into better space utilisation, as well as allowing your clients to alter their warehousing requirements without impacting other areas of your operation.

With Microlistics WMS, handle discrete operating requirements for specific client needs through customised workflows with user-defined rules, making possible diverse client operating environments, and allowing you to provide personal service to each client.

Clients can be onboarded quickly and easily through cloneable configurations that can be tailored to specific client requirements.

Revenue leakage – a silent killer of 3PLs

It isn’t enough simply to execute different types of order fulfilment; you need to be able to account for each effort and the costs involved and tie those tasks back to invoicing the customer.

With Microlistics WMS, you get a precise breakdown of warehousing costs by client, to better maximise your billing. Access this information at any time for all tasks controlled by the WMS, including receiving, putaway, picking, packing, loading or other value-added services.

Activity-based and storage costing is crucial. By analysing this data for activities such as de-stuffing, kitting, and assembly, you can identify distinct cost drivers and actual profit and loss at the lowest level of activity, benchmark performance across multiple sites, and get accurate pricing for each client.

Visibility is vital for both you and your clients

To be a successful 3PL, you need real-time inventory, disposition, and in-transit visibility to ensure stock availability and meet product demand.

The Microlistics WMS Web Portal provides your team and clients real-time access to data on stock and order movements, 24 hours a day.

You can view important details about each of your client’s warehousing status, check stock levels for particular items, view movements throughout the day, and assess productivity levels.

In addition, leverage robust, real-time integration capabilities that streamline data flow with your client’s ERP, TMS, OMSI, VMI and more.

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