Nov 13, 2020 / BY microlistics

Partner with Microlistics and help overlooked warehouse operations (and your bottom line) grow and expand

It will come as no surprise that COVID-19 is disrupting traditional businesses and the supply chains that support them – from manufacturers through 3PLs to retailers. It is sink or swim for many businesses, particularly those involved in consumer goods.

In this dynamic market, manufacturers are adding drop-shipping to better support their downstream customers. In addition, 3PLs need to expand into eCommerce and introduce value-added services to weather the pandemic and anticipate the post-pandemic new normal. Lastly, brick-and-mortar retailers want to go omnichannel to meet the current consumer online purchasing preference that shows no sign of abating when countries across the globe emerge from lockdowns and stay-at-home orders.


Small to mid-size warehouse operators are growing

While these times are challenging, they present opportunities for small to mid-size 3PL, retail, eCommerce, manufacturing, wholesale, distribution warehousing and companies.  Their customers are asking them for things they may not be able to effectively provide.

Order sizes are getting smaller as 3PLs and manufacturers are being asked to fulfil direct-to-store and direct-to-consumer. Retailers used to stock shelves in predictable increments are now opening online storefronts with all the complexity that entails.

These businesses want to invest in efficient growth to meet that demand, and not just by adding additional warehouse staff and increasing square footage. They need the capability to maximise labour efficiency and capture and account for all efforts, and integrations to drive engagement up and down the supply chain.

In other words, they need Tier 1 enterprise warehousing functionality, but because of their size, have long been overlooked by enterprise technology partners.  Increasingly they are turning to their existing hardware, automation, and robotics  resellers, and warehousing consultants, service providers, and system integrators for answers.

Investment in WMSs runs parallel with the increasing appetite for investing in warehousing technologies.  The WMS market is expected to hit $2.4bn USD in 2020 and realise an annual growth rate of between 145% and 160% for the next five years to more than double in 2025 – mainly driven by advanced (Tier) WMSs.

Value-added resellers and consultants servicing the warehousing sector can get into the WMS software game to diversify their offer, add value to existing customer relationships, deepen customer engagements, differentiate against competition, and improve customer ROI.


Easily build your WMS business with Microlistics’ scalable partnership categories

The Microlistics Value Partner program has three levels designed suit a broad range of experience, capability and willingness to invest.

Referral Partner: Shares qualified leads and provides essential information enabling Microlistics explain to explain the relevant benefits of its WMS solutions to potential customers.

Marketing Partner: Authorised to promote Microlistics in specific markets and have a deep understanding of warehousing challenges by region and industry vertical.

Business Partner: Authorised to promote Microlistics in specific markets and have a deep understanding of warehousing challenges by region and industrial vertical. Certified logistics and technology consultancies who go beyond selling to help customers implement, train, configure and optimise Microlistics WMS.

In all three cases, partners share in the licensing fees. All partners receive tailored training, support and marketing materials to equip them for success.

Are ready to take your warehouse customer’s business (and yours) to the next level?

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