Webinar: Realise Order and Delivery Excellence through the Fulfillment and Final-Mile Maturity Model.

Today’s shippers face high customer expectations in an increasingly complex and challenging warehousing and shipping environment. Customers expect low-cost and on-time deliveries that are sustainable, trackable, and returnable. Ongoing labor shortages with historically low vacancy rates are making warehouse expansion difficult and expensive. Carrier capacity uncertainty persists while eCommerce continues to increase despite a potential softening economy. All the while warehousing and shipping costs continue to rise. These conditions make it increasingly difficult for shippers to meet expectations, make and keep delivery promises, and increase order through-put while preserving margins.

Watch this on-demand webinar on adapting broader supply chain maturity models to fulfillment and final-mile delivery so shippers can comfortably scale order execution and shipping, survive and thrive through market, labour, and capacity uncertainties, and drive efficiency and profitability in their fulfillment practices to the delight of their customers and stakeholders.

What you will learn:

  • What are the five stages on the fulfillment and final-mile maturity curve and how you compare against them
  • How to overcome the common constraints between maturity stages to progressively evolve and improve
  • What thinking, practices, platforms, and KPIs should be put in place for each maturity stage

Ideal for:

  • 3PLs, retailers, and manufacturers who added eCommerce fulfillment during the pandemic and are looking to grow and perfect D2C fulfillment operations
  • Online sellers at all stages of growth, from mid-market through to tens of thousands of orders per month, who want to increase revenue while maintaining margins as they expand into additional channels and markets, and improve customer delivery experiences
  • Mature shippers looking to unlock more profitable customer value to increase market share and open growth opportunities


  • Martin Hespeler, VP Americas at Microlistics
  • Mike Graves, Vice President of Product Management at Pierbridge
  • Hosted by Bob Bowman, Editor-in-Chief, Supply Chain Brain
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