Nov 9, 2020 / BY microlistics

Asahi Beverages to deploy Microlistics WMS in New Zealand

MELBOURNE, AU – Leading Australian and New Zealand beverage manufacturer and distributor, Asahi Beverages, will implement Microlistics Enterprise WMS in its Auckland warehouse this year, supporting the company’s growth and long-term business strategy.

The impetus for a new WMS lay in Asahi’s long-term strategy for real-time visibility of inventory, a reduction in manual processes, and reducing multiple handling of products.

Asahi’s Head of Logistics & Planning NZ, Phil Riley, said several factors contributed to the selection of Microlistics as its technology partner.

“We wanted an innovative WMS solution with highly flexible functionality appropriate to our needs, and importantly, local support and a good cultural fit,” said Phil.

Asahi’s operational objectives for the WMS are to automate and streamline all warehousing tasks, increase throughput, and optimise labour utilisation.

“Based on Microlistics’ track record we are confident Microlistics WMS will give us the capability to deliver increased service levels, not just today but for the long term,” said Phil.

Microlistics Founder and Managing Director, Mark Dawson, said that the WMS would help Asahi meet the challenges facing beverage companies.

“Beverage manufacturers are challenged by changes in the market if they don’t have real-time control and full operational insights, as this can lead to excess inventory and costly errors. Seamless and efficient warehouse management between production and distribution is also essential to realise strong service levels and profitability.”

“That is where Microlistics WMS comes in, and we’re delighted Asahi has selected Microlistics as its WMS technology partner to help meet these challenges. We look forward to our teams working together over the coming months,” said Mark.


About Asahi Beverages
Asahi Beverages is one of the leading beverage companies in Australia and New Zealand, producing an extensive range of alcoholic and non-alcohol beverages. With a rich and varied history, Asahi Beverages markets quality alcohol and non-alcohol beverages, boasting a strong portfolio of established household brands and innovative, new-to-market products. Asahi Beverages is a member of Asahi Group Holdings, one of Japan’s leading beverage companies.


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