Feb 17, 2023 / BY microlistics

Video: Retail, Manufacturing, and 3PL warehousing can take on eCommerce fulfilment with Pick, Pack, and Parcel

With the boom in eCommerce, retailers are adding online, and mobile selling. Manufacturers or distributors are selling through their own web and marketplace stores. And 3PL providers are expanding into business-to-consumer order fulfillment. Retail, manufacturing, and 3PL warehouses are now being tasked with fulfilling ecommerce orders and direct-to-consumer deliveries. Many of these warehouses are not used to the volume and pace of ecommerce orders. Inefficiencies, inaccuracy, and poor decision making can exponentially effect cost-to-serve and order margins at the higher speed and frequency of ecommerce fulfillment.

To succeed, warehouses need to:

  • Pick orders efficiently and accurately
  • Pack orders in the right carton
  • Easily manage parcel deliveries
  • Integrate with existing systems

With a streamlined pick, pack, parcel process – powered by Microlistics WMS – retailers, manufacturers, and 3PLs will be able to expand channels to market, lower per order cost-to-serve, and maximize margins.

Watch the video to learn more. If you are interested in seeing Microlistics WMS in action, request a demo of Pick, Pack, and Parcel eCommerce fulfilment.

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