Feb 19, 2023 / BY microlistics

Video: Retailers, Manufacturers, and 3PLs can sell more products and streamline fulfilment with a strong Kitting process

Kitting is a powerful merchandizing and fulfilment technique where multiple related products are grouped together for sale or delivery. For retailers or manufacturers, it is a great way to increase sales and for 3PLs it’s an excellent value-added service. To succeed at kitting, warehouses must:

  • Maintain accurate inventory before, during, and after kit assembly
  • Provide detailed picking and packing instructions
  • Re-stock unused items and stock completed kits

Microlistics WMS makes sure inventory is available, automates picking and packing instructions, and automatically restocks unused items and adds kits into inventory or into orders. With an optimized and streamlined kitting process, retailers, manufacturers, and 3PLs will be able to deliver higher sales with reduced effort and increased profit.

Watch the video to learn more. If you are interested in seeing Microlistics WMS in action, request a demo of the Kitting process.

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